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Landscape & Wildlife Paintings, Drawings & Printmaking

Inspired by the experience of watching wildlife in our often tumultuous world. A glimpsed flock of lapwings whilst passing an estuary, standing beneath a cloud of 200,000 starlings or the distant call of Curlews across a muddy river inlet.

Painting some of our most fragile and precious birds and birdscapes, in an attempt to document seasonal changes, migratory inhabitants and communicate a sense of place. I also have a keen interest in the human animal relationship, the importance they play in our daily lives, our symbiotic relationship and the resulting poetry, storytelling, myth and folktales dating back to the beginning of human existence. 

lino cut with mono print (3)
Barn Owl Painting
Copy of A4 fern monoprint 30 x 40 12 x 16 mount (2)_edited
lino cut with mono print (1)
Herring Gull painting
Hayle Esturary painting
mono print 10x8 20.5x25.5 mount (1) 2
lino cut with mono print (2)
leaf print 30 x 40 12 x 16 mount (6)
Hayle Estuary with gulls
Stithians Lake Landscape painting
Barn Owl Painting
Contemporary Cornish Landscape Painting
Curlew Painting
Gull Painting
Cormorant Painting
Stithians Lake Painting
Hells Mouth Painting
Curlew Painting
Cormorant Painting
Jackdaw Painting
Rook Painting
Barn Owl Painting
Barn Owl Painting
Oystercatcher Painting
lapwings Painting
Swallows Painting
Barn Owl Painting
Shearwater Painting
Barn Owl Painting
Cormorant Painting
Curlew Painting
Barn Owl Painting
Tawny Owl Painting

Ebooks and Zines

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A new pdf ebook is sent out completely FREE  of charge each month to the mailing list so if you would like to receive the next one please sign up.  They are between 16 and 30 pages long and include links to poetry, folk tales, myths and fables not to mention lots of paintings.   

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