Paintings, drawing and printmaking with a fresh contemporary twist made in Cornwall inspired by nature, poetry, story telling, local landscape and the experience of wildlife in our often tumultuous modern world with a particular focus on British birds against busy abstract or patterned backgrounds.

Sound of the Sea 50 x 70 cm on canvas
Acrobats of the Sky - lapwings 60 x 80 c
Barn Owl Painting on Canvas
Tomorrows consience 60 x 80 cm
Swallows dip & Turn 50 x50
towards morning
with a measure of mystery
Cormorant 50 x 50 cm
Trice Happy Bird - Jackdaw
Call of the Curlew  80 x 80 cm
Feathered Heart 30 x 30 cm
fading into night 30 x 30 cm