Sound of the Sea 50 x 70 cm on canvas
black rainbow 30 x 30 cm
Acrobats of the Sky - lapwings 60 x 80 c
Barn Owl Painting on Canvas
Swallows dip & Turn 50 x50
Trice Happy Bird - Jackdaw
with a measure of mystery
Cormorant 50 x 50 cm
Feathered Heart 30 x 30 cm
Call of the Curlew  80 x 80 cm

Paintings, drawing and printmaking with a fresh contemporary twist made in Cornwall inspired by nature, poetry, story telling, local landscape and the experience of wildlife in our often tumultuous modern world with a particular focus on British birds against busy abstract or patterned backgrounds.

raven on a ball linocut
starlings lino cut
hare linocut
rook on a plinth
lapwing and the sun
hare and a window
raven linocut
rook and the window
magpie on a plinth
Tawny Owl Wildbird Watercolour Painting.
Cuckoo Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Starling Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Wood Pigeon Wildbird Watercolour Paintin
Barn Owl Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Barn Owl Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Buzzard Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Wildbird Watercolour Painting (9)
Wildbird Watercolour Painting (15)

Suzy Sharpe 

Hillside Farm Studios, Hangmans Hill, 

Troon, Cornwall.  TR14 9JF


Tel: 01209 831835

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hare linocut