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Welcome to my  bibliography of the August Bird of the Month


The Blackbird

Due to copyright etc I cannot publish many poems nor would I have the room in a small publication so I have found links on the internet for you to follow. This is by no means everything there is out there and I would be interested to hear other poems, songs and stories relating to Blackbirds.


My sources of information have been numerous, some stories I have known for as long as I can remember, some were passed on orally. I have gleaned my factual information from a variety of bird books and websites as follows:

(click on the underlined links to visit the pages)

Bird Guide 2nd edition - Collins

Pocket Guide to British Birds - RSPB

Birds - Collins wild guide

A Field Guide to the Nests, Eggs and Nestlings of British and European Birds - Colin Harrison

The Observers Book of Birds

The Observers book of British Birds

The Observers book of Birds Eggs

A Field Guide to the Birds of Briatain - Readers Digest

Britains Wildlife Plants and Flowers - Readers Digest



Tweet of the Day - Radio 4



Seamus Heaney reading St Kevin and the Blackbird

R S Thomas A Blackbird  Singing & Thirteen Blackbirds looking at a Man

Wallace Stevens - Thirteen Ways of looking at a Blackbird

John Clare  - The Blackbird



The Beetles - Blackbird 

Kate Bush Aerial A Sky of Honey which begins with the call of the blackbird

Aberdeen Bestiary full text of the Blackbird

See you again for a new Bird of the Month in September...