Here are the back copies of my Bird of the Month.  There is a new  pdf ebook are sent out free of charge with my monthly newsletter "Studio Insights"  so if you would like to receive the next one please sign up.  They are between 16 and 20 pages long and include links to poetry, folk tales, myths and fables not to mention images of the bird of the month. 

Cuckoo bom-1.jpg
the sun-1 cover.jpg
Thrush-1 cover.jpg
Wren March tales from Hillside Farm-1.jp
Gull tales sq.jpg
Gull-1cover .jpg
Cormorant tales from Hillside Farm-1.jpg
desmond 1-1.jpg
magpie tales from Hillside Farm -1.jpg
Swan ebook-cover.jpg
Part 1 of 3 Rare Sheep 1 book-cover.jpg
cover tales from Hillside Farm -1.jpg
Curlew tales from Hillside Farm cover .j
Goose February 20  tales from Hillside F