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Painting & Drawing - Farmed Animals  - Most recently using patterned backgrounds as a metaphor for our contemporary society, or to suggest a domestic overlay to our view of animals, experimenting with composition to raise a question or as a starting point for conversation .  I have spent my life around animals and generally see them as equal beings with whom I share intense non-verbal conversation, their characters are huge and I generally find them to be great teachers.  When ever I can I like to support charities such as Compassion in World Farming who campaign for the rights of animals.


White goat
Kevin the Texel Sheep Painting
Misty Horse painting
Bumble the Cob Painting
From the horses Mount Painting
Longwool Ewe - Acrylic Wash
Kevin Texel Ram - Acrylic Wash
Manx Loaghtan Ewe Acrylic Wash
British Blue Bull Painting
Fat Pig
Border leicester
Half Hidden Sheep Painting
Sheep Sketch
Nose to Nose Horses
Running Horse 200cm x 150cm
Milly the Suffolk Punch
Exmoor Pony painting
traditional hereford bull painting
Guinea Fowl Painting
cookoo marran painting
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