Spring Sale - Sketches for Wildlife!

Throughout March I will be listing a sketch or artists proof (lino cuts) on this page at around 12 noon each weekday... but to make it more fun I am going to start the prices really low and raise the price by £1 a day...


As I dont really keep a sketchbook as such but work on single sheets of heavy weight cartridge paper,  it is these that I will be including in the sale.  They will be unframed and unmounted.  At least 50% of the sale price will go towards improving facilities to help more wildlife, specifically the purchase of a portable incubator.  I will post them each day on social media so it may be worth popping your notifications on if you want to be first to see what I have to offer each day.


As you may know I volunteer for West Cornwall Wildlife Volunteers who were inundated in 2020  due to COVID-19 forcing the closure of many other centres.  Over the last year, I have cared for over 50 Herring gulls, 2 greater Black Backed Gulls, 2 sparrows, 5 house Martins, 2 Swallows, 7 Jackdaws, 2 pigeons, 3 Magpies, 3 Buzzards, 2 Crows, a goose, a duck, a Shag and a Jay as well many others who were just passing through! Most are now back in the Wild.  

In my last fundraiser I was able to purchase a static incubator and as regulated warmth is vital immediately especially to young birds who are not able to regulate their own body temperature and it is also  an important factor in treating shock, so I would like to have a portable incubator (Brinsea TLC50 Advance Brooder ICU) with a car adapter so that I can start treatment immediately.  Also I have built a few aviaries but still need more including one for Pigeons and Garden birds to allow them to build fitness ready for release.  


West Cornwall Wildlife Volunteers don't receive any funding and rely completely on donations to carry on their work, supporting and caring for wildlife to release back into the wild. The more I improve my facilities the more I can help.   You can also donate directly to the fund or send a donation via paypal links below.   


Sharing my social media posts will be a huge help during the sale if you can... the more the merrier! 


Thank you so much in advance for all your amazing support! 


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