It costs £22000 per month to feed the seals at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary they rescue many seals around our coast and care for many more who cannot be released and like many other charities they are struggling at the moment. If you would like the larger painting of the Grey Seal with the black background its 60 x 60 cm on canvas please email with a bid before the 31st May 2020 the RRP is £365 but please bid what you wish, anything over £10 should cover shipping! The second 2 paintings are for sale with 100% of the funds going to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. You can find out more about supporting them here 


You may have heard of this on social media, during this time, many artists like everyone else have found themselves suffering from the uncertainty caused by the current situation as exhibitions and events are cancelled.  The Artist Support Pledge idea is simple: Artists commit to the pledge and post images of work for sale, for no more than £200, and each time their sales reach £1000 they promise to buy another artist’s work for £200 and pass on the support.

Below are a few smaller paintings and quick sketches some of which are very new, many would usually sell at a higher price but have been adjusted as part of this initiative.  Many thanks for looking and for your support. 

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