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Welcome to the Subscribers page

Please click the buttons below to download the Pigeon Ebook and the Monoprint PDF to start your collection with my compliments.
Next Month I will offer Monoprints on a subscription basis and will give you further details in my next newsletter.

pigeon 23-1.jpg
mono print 10x8 20.5x25.5 mount (27) 2.jpg

Below is a range of original Wildlife, Wild bird and Landscape Paintings, Linocuts, Monoprints, Ebooks & Greetings cards

You will also find a number of products available on a print on demand basis from clothing from Teemill, Mugs and Prints from Printify.  This enables the sourcing of good quality products without having to hold a large amount of stock.

If there is anything that you would like to see more of please do let me know.

Cormorant on canvasJPG
Desmond Print landscape.jpg
looking back curlew .JPG
15x15cm Greeting Card - oystercatcher.jpg
jackdaw November 21-1 cover.jpg
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