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Wild Bird Paintings 

The Language of birds - Paintings Exhibited at the Old Coastguards 2021

Paintings inspired by the experience of seeing wildlife in our often tumultuous world. The magical momentary glimpse of a Barn Owl, the barely heard hoot of a Tawny Owl or the distant flock of lapwings whilst passing an estuary, or standing under a cloud of 200,000 starlings and trying to ignore the roar of the busy rush hour road close by; the hectic human landscape of wind turbines, power cables, plastic, and roads ever present, navigated daily by our wildlife.

Herring Gull Painting
Barn Owl
Moon Eyes - Barn Owl Painting
Gull 30 x 30 on board Painting
Herring Gull Juvenille Painting
Cornmorants Painting
Cormorant on canvas
Curlews Painting
Curlew 30 x 30 cm on canvas (9)
Gull 30 x 30 on board
Jackdaw Painting 30 x 30 cm on canvas (14)
Rook Painting Black Rainbow 30 x 30 cm on canvas (11)
Oystercatcher Painting
Barn Owl Painting
Peewits Painting
On Silent wings Painting
Curlew Song 80 x 80 cm on canvas 595
Barn Owl PaintingTowards Morning 50 x 50 cm On Canvas 465
Dip & Turn Swallows Painting
Starlings Painting 50 x 70 cm
Tawny Owl Painting Fading into the Night 30 x 30 cm on canvas (2)
Barn Owl Painting Feathered Heart 30 x 30 cm on canvas (15)
Manz Shearwater Painting With a measure of mystery 30 x 30 cm on canvas 200
Barn Owl Painting
Rook on a ball Painting
Raven Painting
Cormorant Painting
Rook walking Painting
Barn Owl Painting Flying
Tawny Owl Flying Painting
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